Europe style CE EPA 800kg hydraulic torque converter mini wheel loader with best price

Short Description:

Standard configuration:
ELITE ET908 is our company’s hot sale product, it adopts Europe style design, very suitable for the farm and garden works, equipped with standard Bucket, Hydraulic Torque Converter, CHANGCHAI ZN390Q Engine, ROPS&FOPS Cabin, Luxury Cabin Inside, Mechanical Joystick, Comfortable Seat, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Cabin Heater, Engine Heater, Free Service Spare Parts. You deserve to own it.

● Optional Equipment:
Tipping Cabin,Pressure Check System,Quick Hitch,Electric Joystick, Extra Hydraulic Line, Air Conditioner,Floating Function, LED Light,Backward Imagine,Tyre Chain, VARTA Anti-Freeze Battery,XINCHAI(Euro3/Euro5/EPA certificate) engine,YUNNEI (Euro5 certificate) engine,KOHLER Engine(EPA4),CUMMINS Engine(EPA4), YANMAR(EPA3 or EPA4), 31*15.5-15 Grass Tyre, Different Attachments.

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ET908 (2)

Main features

1. Equipped with Changchai 390 engine, reliable with high quality. Euro3/EPA3 Xinchai 490 engine and Yangma engine are optional.

2. Driver/joystick control system.

3. The beautiful and intelligent appearance is suitable for all markets and customers.

4. Exquisite interior style, with heater and air conditioner, comfortable operating environment.

5. Optional multi-function accessories

6. 750-16 standard tire, 10-16.5 tubeless tire and 31 * 15.5-15 wide tire are optional.

7. Cabin heater and engine pre heater.

ET908 (5)


1.0 Engine Details
  (1) Model: CHANGCHAI ZN390Q
  (2) Rated Power: 25 KW
2.0 Operating Specifications
  (1) Bucket Capacity/Width: 0.48m3
  (2) Loading Capacity: 800KG
  (3) Operation Weight: 2300KG
  (4) Lifting Time: 5.0s
  (5) Driving Speed: 0-12km/h
  (6)Min.Turning Radius: 4600mm
  (7) Max.Turning Angle: ±35°
3.0 Overall Dimensions
  (1) Overall length(bucket on ground) 4550mm
  (2) Overall Height: 2490mm
  (3) Overall width: 1500mm
  (4) Dumping Height: 2150mm
  (5) Dumping Reach: 1150mm
  (6) Min.Ground Clearance: 240mm
  (7) Lifting Height: 3270mm
  (8) Lifting Distance: 1360mm
  (9) Wheel Base: 2050mm
4.0 Brake System
  (1) Service Brake: Four wheel hydraulic spread-shoe brake
  (2) Breakout Force: 22KN
5.0 Tyre
(1) Standard Tyre: 8.25-16 Tyre
 (2) Optional Tyre: 31*15.5-15 Tyre or 10-16.5 Tyre or 20.5-16 Tyre
ET908 (3)
ET908 (4)

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