ELITE 3ton medium size 1.8m3 bucket ET938 front end shovel wheel loader

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Through CAE optimization design, the whole machine ELITE938 has reasonable structure configuration, convenient maintenance, light and flexible operation, large turning angle, and is more suitable for operation in narrow sections with low labor and high efficiency.
The gearbox is a patented product independently developed by our company. The reasonable speed ratio configuration of each gear improves the operating performance and reliability of the whole machine, and is more suitable for various field operations. It has large shoveling force, high efficiency, low power consumption, and can save up to 25% fuel compared with similar products, so the operating cost is low.
The new speed ratio main reducer is used to make the transmission system of the whole machine run more smoothly, overcome the early damage of parts, reduce the heat generated by high-speed operation, and make the service life of the transmission system longer and the maintenance cost lower.
The intake system of the diesel engine adopts multi-stage filtering, and the fuel system adds an oil-water classifier, which ensures the normal operation of the diesel engine

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Main features

1. Central articulated frame, small turning radius, mobile and flexible, lateral stability, ease of operation in the narrow space

2. Easy-to-read gauges display and ergonomically designed controls make the driving convenient and comfortable

3. Air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels system and expire brake is used in brake system, which has large brake force and makes stable brake and high safety

4. Full hydraulic steering, power shift transmission, hydraulic control device work with two lightweight flexible operation, action smooth and reliable

5. Twin pump-merging flow of working pump and steering pump. when the machine is not steering more engine power is available to breakout and lift forces. Resulting in increased economy

6. The big loading engine side covers made in steel are of good appearance and suitable for maintenance

7. Pilot hydraulic implement controls make operate easy and comfortable

ET938 (4)




rated loading 3000kg


overall weight 10000kg


bucket capacity 1.8-2.5m3


maximum traction force 98KN


maximum breakout force 120KN


maximum grade ability 30°


maximum dump height 3100mm


maximum dump reach 1130mm


overall dimension (L×W×H) 7120*2375*3230mm


minimum turning radius 5464mm



model Deutz enginesWP6G125E22


Vertical, in-line, water cooled, 4-stroke diesel engine


NO. of cylinder-bore*stroke 6-108*125


rated power 92kw


maximum torque 500N.m


min. fuel-consume ratio ≦210g/kw.h

Transmission system


torque converter YJ315-X


gearbox mode Power shaft normally engaged straight gear


gears 4 forward  2 reverse


maximum speed 38km/h
Drive axles


main reducing spiral bevel gear grade 1reduction


decelerating mode Planetary reduction grade 1


wheel base (mm) 2740mm


ground clearance 400mm
Hydraulic system system working pressure 18MPa


total time 9.3±0.5s

Brake system


service brake air assist disc brake on 4 wheels


parking brake Manual disk brake



type specification 17.5-25


front tyre pressure 0.4Mpa


rear tyre pressure 0.35Mpa


ET938 (6)

Deutz engine 92kw, more powerful. Cummins engine for option.

ET938 (11)

The thickened hydraulic oil cylinder has overload protection capability and can maintain the service life of motor parts

ET938 (10)

Wear resistant anti-skid tire, long service life

ET938 (5)

Comfortable and luxury cabin

ET938 (1)

Larger and thickened axles, Strong bearing capacity

ET938 (2)

Larger and thickened bucket, not easy to rust, many other implements for option

ET938 (7)

Four in one bucket

ET938 (8)

Quick hitch for all kinds of implements


ELITE 938 wheel loader is widely used in urban construction, mines, railways, highways, hydropower, oil fields, national defense, airport construction and other projects, and plays an important role in accelerating the project progress, ensuring the project quality, improving labor conditions, improving work efficiency, and reducing construction costs

ET938 (14)

All kinds of Attachment for option

ELITE wheel loaders can be equipped with various implements to achieve multi-purpose works, suck like auger, breaker, pallet fork, lawn mower, grapple, snow blade, snow blower, snow sweeper, four in one bucket and so on, with a quick hitch to satisfy all kinds of jobs.

ET938 (12)


ELITE Wheel loaders are delivered to all over the world

ET938 (13)

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