Shantui’s first overseas electronically controlled high-horsepower bulldozer has operated reliably for more than 10,000 hours


In a mining area in Eastern Europe, Shantui's first overseas electronically controlled high-horsepower bulldozer, SD52-5E, achieved great success and won praise from users. Recently, the working time of this SD52-5E bulldozer has exceeded 10,000 hours, which not only demonstrates the outstanding influence of Shantui technology on a global scale, but also demonstrates Shantui's unremitting pursuit of quality and durability.

This working Shantui SD52-5E bulldozer left the factory in the fourth quarter of 2020. It belongs to the first generation of electronically controlled high-horsepower platform products. In early 2021, the equipment was officially delivered to the Eastern European market, becoming Shantui's first electric bulldozer exported overseas. Controlled high-horsepower bulldozer.


Under harsh mining conditions, Shantui's first overseas electronically controlled high-horsepower bulldozer has demonstrated excellent adaptability and performance. For seven months, the SD52-5E has been operating continuously for more than 3,000 hours in a very challenging environment. , even when faced with the most difficult tasks, this bulldozer maintains a 100% operating rate and consistently outputs efficient operating capabilities.

Users were full of praise for the performance of the SD52-5E bulldozer. They wrote a letter to Shantui to express their gratitude and put forward their purchase requirements for the Shantui SD60-C5 bulldozer. This act of trust further consolidates the cooperative relationship between customers and Shantui, and inspires Shantui people to keep moving forward and provide customers with better solutions.

The second piece of equipment ordered by the customer, the SD60-C5 bulldozer, left the factory in October 2021 and was commissioned and delivered in early 2022. The equipment's electronic control assembly, travel control, driving system, chassis device, etc. have been fully upgraded. One of Shantui's high-horsepower bulldozers' flagship products. After the equipment was operated for 250 hours (first guarantee), the user also collaborated with the local state TV station to produce a special news report to further promote the "championship" quality of Shantui bulldozers.

As of May 18, 2023, the user's first Shantui SD52-5E bulldozer has operated for 10,020 hours, and the SD60-C5 bulldozer is not inferior, having accumulated 6,015 hours of operation, and the comprehensive operating rate of both equipment exceeds 98%. . Behind these values is Shantui's insistence on engineering quality, which is also one of the important reasons why Shantui has won a reputation around the world.

High-horsepower bulldozers represent the pinnacle of technology and craftsmanship in the field of earthmoving machinery. They have huge global market potential and are an indispensable key link for Shantui to lead the bulldozer industry. Whether it is long-term continuous operation or high-intensity working conditions, Shantui high-horsepower bulldozers can operate stably, ensuring that users can rely on them to complete tasks at any time.

Users' recognition of Shantui's products is proof of Shantui's continuous innovation and transcendence, and is also an inexhaustible driving force for Shantui's continuous progress. In the future, Shantui will continue to uphold the brand mission of "making construction easier" and make every effort to provide customers with better products and services. Always maintain a majestic pace, make more contributions and add a more brilliant chapter to the high-quality development of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.


Post time: Feb-28-2024