Components of the loader system

The loader system mainly includes: powertrain, loading end, and digging end. Each device is designed for a specific type of work. On a typical construction site, excavator operators often need to use all three components to get the job done.

The main structure of the backhoe loader is the powertrain. The powertrain design of the backhoe loader can run freely on rough terrain. Features a powerful turbo diesel engine, large deep gear tires and a cab with driving controls (steering wheel, brakes, etc.).

The loader is assembled at the front of the equipment and the excavator is assembled at the rear. These two components serve different functions. Loaders can perform many different tasks. In many applications, you can think of it as a powerful large dustpan or coffee spoon. It is generally not used for excavation, but is mainly used for picking and moving large quantities of loose materials. Also, it can be used like a plow to push the earth, or to level the ground like a knife is used to spread butter on bread. The operator can control the loader while driving the tractor.

The excavator is the main tool of the backhoe loader. It can be used for digging dense, hard materials (often soil), or lifting heavy objects (such as sewer culverts). An excavator lifts the material and deposits it on the side of the hole. Simply put, an excavator is a strong arm or finger, which consists of three parts: boom, stick, bucket.


Other add-ons typically found on backhoe loaders include two stabilizer feet behind the rear wheels. These feet are important to the operation of the excavator. When the excavator is digging, the feet absorb the impact of weight. Without stabilizing feet, the weight of a heavy load or the downward force of digging can damage the wheels and tires, and the entire tractor will keep bouncing up. Stabilizing feet keep the tractor stable and minimize the impact of excavator digging. The stabilizing feet also secure the tractor from sliding into ditches or holes.

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