Maintenance and precautions for small loaders in winter

Some important precautions for small loader maintenance in winter. Through correct care and maintenance, the working efficiency and life of the small loader can be improved and the probability of failure can be reduced. At the same time, when performing maintenance, refer to the user manual and manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the correctness and safety of maintenance operations. Winter is an important period for small loader maintenance. The following are some precautions for winter maintenance:

Engine maintenance:
- Check the freezing point of the engine coolant to make sure it can withstand low temperatures. If necessary, replace the coolant in time.
- Check the engine heating system to ensure that the preheating device is working properly to start the engine in a low temperature environment.
- Change engine oil and oil filter regularly to ensure normal engine operation.

Hydraulic system maintenance:
- Use hydraulic oil suitable for working in low temperature environments to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system.
- Regularly check the oil level and quality of the hydraulic oil, and replace or add hydraulic oil in time.
- Clean the filter of the hydraulic system to prevent contaminants from entering the hydraulic system and affecting its normal operation.

Electrical system maintenance:
- Check the battery's electrolyte level and battery terminals for corrosion, clean the terminals and refill with distilled water if necessary.
- Regularly check the condition of wires and connectors to ensure the proper functioning of the electrical system.
- Protect wires from moisture or ice to avoid short circuits and malfunctions.

Chassis maintenance:
- Clean the chassis and tracks to prevent mud and snow accumulation from damaging moving parts.
- Check the track tension to make sure it is within the normal range.
- Check the oil level and quality of chassis lubricating oil, and replace or add lubricating oil in time.

When parking a small loader in winter, you need to pay attention to choosing a flat ground as much as possible to avoid tilting the machine. Turn off all electrical equipment, lock the doors, and make sure the machine is parked safely. Start the machine regularly to maintain normal circulation of the engine and hydraulic system to prevent parts from rusting and aging.


Post time: Dec-07-2023