How should the hydraulic oil of the loader be used and properly maintained?

There are many issues that we must pay attention to when working. We also need to pay attention to maintenance when using loaders, so that we can use them longer. Now we will learn how to use and maintain the hydraulic oil of loaders. ?Let’s find out now.

1. Hydraulic oil must undergo strict filtration. Coarse and fine oil filters should be installed in the loader hydraulic system as needed. The oil filter should be inspected and cleaned frequently, and should be replaced in time if it is damaged. When injecting oil into the hydraulic tank, it should pass through an oil filter with a mesh size of 120 or more.

2. Regularly check the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and replace it regularly according to the working conditions of the small loader.

3. Do not disassemble the hydraulic components of the loader easily. If disassembly is necessary, the parts should be cleaned and placed in a clean place to avoid the mixing of impurities during reassembly.

4. Prevent air from mixing. It is generally believed that oil is incompressible, but the compressibility of air is greater (about 10,000 times that of oil). The air dissolved in the oil will escape from the oil when the pressure is low, causing bubbles and cavitation. Under high pressure, bubbles will be quickly crushed and compressed rapidly, causing noise. At the same time, air mixed into the oil will cause the actuator to crawl, reduce stability, and even cause vibration.

5. Prevent the oil temperature from being too high. The working temperature of loader hydraulic oil is generally better in the range of 30-80°C. Oil temperature that is too high will cause the oil viscosity to decrease, the volumetric efficiency of the oil pump to decrease, the lubricating film to become thinner, mechanical wear to increase, seals to age and deteriorate, and loss of Sealing, etc.

The loader is an earth-moving construction machine widely used in various construction projects such as roads, railways, hydropower, construction, ports, and mines. It is mainly used to load and unload bulk materials such as soil, sand, gravel, lime, coal, etc. It can also be used to load ore. , hard soil and other light shoveling operations.

Post time: Oct-13-2023